Tessy Plastics

Covid Test Kit Manufacturing Plant


MEP/FP, Structural, Process, Low Voltage, Specialty Gasses, CM Assist

Completed 2021

300,000 SF



Tessy Plastics is a leader in the design, manufacturing, and shipping of injection molded plastics concentrating in the medical device field. IPD was first engaged by Tessy in 2009 to assess their needs for a new 93,000 SF manufacturing facility with an eye toward improving operating efficiencies and reducing costs. Since then, IPD has worked on over a dozen important projects for Tessy Plastics within 8 buildings across four campuses, most recently including a COVID Test Kit Manufacturing Plant in 2021.

IPD served as the prime consultant on this new facility and assisted the owner with construction management. The project was a collaboration between Tessy Plastics and Abbott Laboratories with the goal of manufacturing 10,000,000 Rapid COVID Test kits per month.

What started as an existing warehouse was designed and built into one of the largest COVID Test Kit manufacturing sites in the United States within 18 short weeks. The project included several industrial freeze dryers, and precision humidity control with the capability to ensure extra dry conditions. The facility also includes lab space, clean room space, injection mold rooms, and automated assembly systems. IPD led the design for HVAC, plumbing, Fire Protection, Electric, Low Voltage Systems, Process Cooling Systems, Clean Room systems, and specialty gas systems. 

Our engineers worked with Tessy and Abbott engineers to develop efficient and flexible process mechanical systems.

Additional Tessy Plastics Projects:

  • 2009-New 93,000SF South Plant
  • 2010-West Plant 1,500-ton Chiller Upgrade
  • 2012-South Plant 30,000SF Clean-room
  • 2013-New Central Data Center
  • 2014-South Plant 100,000SF Expansion
  • 2014-Skaneateles Plant New Central Chiller Plant
  • 2015-East Plant 1,000-ton Chiller Plant Replacement
  • 2015-Skaneateles Plant 35,000SF Clean Room
  • 2015-Baldwinsville Plant 200,000SF Heavy Manufacturing Expansion
  • 2018-East Plant 20,000SF Clean Room
  • 2020-Auburn Plant 250,000SF Abbott COVID Test Kit Manufacturing Facility
  • 2020-Sennett COVID QC Lab
  • 2021-Sennett COVID QC Lab #2
  • 2021-Auburn Plant Dry Chemical Extinguishing System
  • 2022-Webster Plant 150,000SF Conversion to Heavy Manufacturing