Syracuse University Archival Library Storage

High Density Storage, Syracuse, NY


MEP, FP, Utility Coordination, HVAC, Telecommunications, Security

Completed 2012

20,000 SF


IPD Engineering

VIP Structures

VIP Architectural Associates

The high-tech expandable building features the most modern technology for storing and retrieving enormous quantities of books in an economical and efficient manner, while at the same time providing a physically secure and optimum preservation environment for permanent and important parts of Syracuse University’s library collections.
A typical facility of this type would generally cost $10-12 million and be equipped with 30-foot tall rack storage, in-rack sprinklers and an industrial mobile picker requiring special operator certification. As a cost savings measure, a 12 foot high automated compact shelving system was introduced eliminating the need for in-rack sprinklers and the expensive industrial picker device.
Designing the facility in this manner enabled the university to house the same number of materials in a building with the same footprint, but less than half the height and cost of the current paradigm.
IPD Engineering designed the climate-controlled pressurized vault utilizing desiccant technology to maintain a temperature of 50°F (+/-1°F) and 30% relative humidity (+/-5°F). Achieving such extreme conditions tends to result in high operating cost. To address this concern a supplemental form of dehumidifcation known as hot gas reheat was used.