Currier Plastics

Manufacturing Addition, Auburn, NY


MEP, FP, Structural

Completed 2018

89,521 SF


IPD Engineering

VIP Structures

VIP Architectural Associates

The project totaled 89,521 SF including a new 40,000 SF manufacturing facility and an additional 10,000 SF of warehouse. The existing structure underwent a complete renovation to offices, conference rooms and creating a new cafeteria in the old warehouse area.

IPD faced several challenges relating to the existing MEP systems. Our team performed an air audit that identified leaks and bottle necks in the system informing our design of a water cooled system that no longer rejected heat within their building and operated more efficiently, costed less, and was more reliable.

Currier also experienced a lack of process cooling capacity and controllability. IPD designed an entirely new water cooled process cooling system consisting of a water cooled chilled water plant.
The plant generates both 50F and 80F water, delivered at up to 100psig to the “tools” on the manufacturing floor. In the winter months a plate and frame heat exchanger is used to generate “free cooling.” The entire system is controlled digitally and variable speed drives are utilized on all pumps and cooling towers to minimize electrical consumption.

IPD also used a panel-based system to address the existing electrical capacity inefficiencies as a result of the increased manufacturing floor area. Each injection and/or blow mold machine required several different types of power (480V/3ph, 120V/1ph, 208V/3ph, etc.) IPD designed the distribution system to support all of these needs, with flexibility for future modifications and expansion.