O-AT-KA Milk Products

Warehouse, Batavia, NY


MEP/FP, Structural

Completed 2015



IPD Engineering

VIP Architectural Associates

VIP Structure

O-AT-KA enlisted the IPD team to help determine MEP and Structural logistics for their new warehouse and material handling facilities. IPD helped identify an opportunity to save time, minimize business disruptions, and save money on the planned water service extension to the new building. IPD facilitated the solution by working with a neighboring power generating business, the City of Batavia, and O-AT-KA’s attorneys to investigate, negotiate, design, and construct an alternative water service.

We designed highly efficiency lighting systems that automatically illuminate areas being traveled through. The HVAC system consists of high efficiency equipment that pressurizes the space to minimize infiltration.

The project required precisely flat floors due to the type of material handling equipment being used. Our structural team, using an IPD created tool, evaluated thousands of combinations of concrete and steel to come up with the most economical solution possible.