Auburn Cancer Center

New Build Cancer Center | Auburn, NY

Auburn Cancer Center is a new construction with a linear accelerator, CT room, infusion areas, and exam rooms. It’s served by multiple single zone rooftop units with DX cooling and gas heating. The building is very interesting architecturally, and the mechanical design has to align with and account for the design. There’s a C-shaped mechanical mezzanine that visually hides the rooftop equipment and ductwork from passersby. Not only did the equipment and ductwork need to fit and be hidden from view, but it was also important for the routing to not impede anyone from being able to access everything for service. Once inside the building there were spaces with sloped ceilings, specialty ceilings, and/or very high ceilings. Each of these conditions involved creative solutions to getting the mechanical system to not only fit, but also to not ruin the aesthetics of the space.