Onondaga Nation School

Boiler Replacement


HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing

Completed 2015


IPD Engineering

Ashley McGraw Architects

Our firm was tasked with providing a boiler replacement study with the goal of providing the Lafayette Central School district with options for replacement of two cast iron sectional hot water boilers at their Onondaga Nation School. The boilers had reached the end of their expected use cycle with one boiler having been previously repaired. Another factor in the boiler replacement was the anticipation of future 16,000SF building expansion requiring additional boiler capacity. The study included all new boiler technology as well as industry standard equipment that has been around for years. The nation school site does not have natural gas available and developing a propane system did not fit with the available budget. In the end the district chose to stay with similar equipment to what they had and replace the two boilers using two cast iron sectionals with increased capacity to accommodate a potential building expansion.

IPD also provided full MEP engineering and construction phase services for the complete removal and replacement of the existing cast iron sectional boilers, boiler pumps, breeching, fuel oil day-tank, fuel oil pump and all associated piping accessories and controls. The project required submission to the New York State Education Department as well as the New York State Office of Government Standards for issuance of building permit. IPD worked directly with NYS-OGS throughout the construction to successfully complete the installation prior to the heating season as defined by NYSED. NYS OGS stated that they were very pleased with the results and the efforts of all involved from the IPD engineering team for a very smooth construction project.