Our Promise


We understand that every project is different, and every building has unique problems that require unique solutions. Our design approach allows our team to keep up to date with the latest technologies and collaborate to find the best possible solutions for each client.


Energy consumption and sustainability are becoming increasingly important in today’s global climate, and are causes that are closely intertwined with our mission. Therefore, we take an active role on projects to help owners make informed decisions regarding system selections. We work to find the right balance between high performance systems and budget.



Our use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) gives our clients an opportunity to virtually preview the final system configurations and equipment arrangements prior to construction. BIM helps us to identify potential issues during the design phase. This helps in reducing costly change orders during the construction phase.


As a multidisciplinary firm encompassing all aspects of building engineering, we are committed to designing reliable systems that are environmentally conscious and hold up better over time. With collaborative efforts from all disciplines, we aim to provide energy efficient systems to reduce negative impacts on the environment while improving human health and comfort of the building occupants.

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