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Slide SUNY OSWEGO, REFRIGERANT MONITORING STUDY OSWEGO, NY To address concerns raised by SUNY Oswego regarding refrigerant monitoring, IPD’s team performed a comprehensive study of 14 mechanical rooms that housed 19 large chillers. The primary focus of this study was to determine if proper means were in order to protect building occupants in the event of a large refrigerant leak.

IPD evaluated the present conditions of these rooms against the current versions of the NYS Fire Code, the NYS Mechanical Code, ASHRAE Standards 15 and 34, and SUCF’s Program Directive 15H-15. Based on findings the IPD team suggested use of a campus-wide audible/visual signal system, to provide early signaling for low leakage levels, a proactive maintenance plan, to ensure systems are running properly, and recommended replacing detectors. These recommendations have been implemented by the University.
Client SUNY Oswego TYPE Engineering Study COMPLETION 2017 SERVICES M/E PROGRAM Higher Education

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