Tessy Plastics

In 2009 IPD was brought in to assess Tessy Plastics HVAC needs for their new 99,800 SF manufacturing facility with an eye towards creating greater operating efficiency and reducing costs. With that in mind IPD designed and installed large capacity air handling units with fabric ducts, reducing the number of units from 30 to 3 and eliminating the need to create a heavy-duct structure. In addition, high efficiencies were realized with magnet-bearing frictionless centrifugal chillers, a digital control system, water-cooled air compressors and high-efficiency condensing boilers providing dehumidification control to improve manufacturing efficiencies. Many of these techniques (among others) have since been implemented on dozens of projects IPD has designed for Tessy within five buildings across three campuses. Additionally, IPD assisted Tessy in analyzing the efficiency of their manufacturing process and were able to achieve a NYSERDA process rebate in excess of $900,000!

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