The Dietz

The Dietz is a historic 19th century manufacturing building that was recently transformed into modern luxury lofts and mixed-use commercial space. With the use of our complete structural and MEP/FP services, IPD Engineering helped the owner/developer rehabilitate this historically significant property which had been vacant for over 30 years.

The 208,000 SF rehabilitation project posed many structural challenges. Significant storm damage from years past had compromised a third of the building’s original structural integrity. The original basement was reconfigured into an underground parking garage where a new precast concrete tunnel connects the garage and the main building. Large openings were carefully carved out of the original stone foundation walls for vehicles to access the new below-grade garage.

IPD’s team thoroughly studied and replaced the severely damaged exterior walls with historically accurate construction and materials. All storm water is now re-directed to on-site retention zones to reduce strain on municipal drainage infrastructure. HVAC is provided by independently zoned heat pump units, and supported by high-efficiency condensing boilers and energy recovery ventilators. The condensing boilers also provide heated water to selected areas of the exterior for snow melting in the winter.

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