Greg Blais & Catherine COmmons

Meet Greg Blais! A retired Army Veteran, long-time youth hockey official and a highly valued member of the IPD team…Greg is an Electrical Design Engineer with over 30 years of experience. He’s designed electrical systems for hospitals, schools, manufacturing plants, large-scale residential buildings and more. 


One of Greg’s current projects is a mammoth student housing complex in Ithaca, NY. This project, Catherine Commons, is made up of four new buildings consisting of a total of approximately 350 living units. 


Greg is designing much of the electrical infrastructure for this project, including power distribution, lighting, telecommunications, fire alarms, emergency power, and a multitude of high-end technology and advanced security and safety systems. 


This is one of the biggest projects that our team has worked on in our 13 years as a company. Greg says “It’s fun working on big projects like this, I hope we keep them coming.” We couldn’t agree more, Greg!


Read more about Catherine Commons in the Ithaca Times.

Renders of Catherine Commons

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Since 2009, IPD has been working with clients to design systems for their buildings, helping to balance budget and performance, and striving to create buildings that improve the health and experiences of those who use them. 


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