August 2nd, 2023: Professional Engineers Day!


Since 1907, when the first professional engineering license was issued in the state of Wyoming, the engineering profession has witnessed continuous growth and evolution. The National Society of Professional Engineers is celebrating the 8th Annual Professional Engineers Day this August 2nd to express appreciation for the continuous contributions of Professional Engineers.


Our Engineers at IPD have proved their commitment to creating safe building environments that will positively impact human health and wellbeing through their service to our communities every single day, and for that we deeply value all the contributions of the Engineers who work with us at IPD.


On this special day, we celebrate the accomplishments and expertise of all engineers, recognizing the vital role they play in shaping a better and safer world for everyone.


We couldn’t achieve our mission without each and every one of you!


A Better Way
to Engineer

Since 2009, IPD has been working with clients to design systems for their buildings, helping to balance budget and performance, and striving to create buildings that improve the health and experiences of those who use them. 


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